Die Gründer.

Half a year is over - and it went by so fast! What happened?

But let me first give you a brief introduction of who we are and what we do. When I am talking of us, I’m talking of Matthias and Hannes. Two students in their twenties from Germany who left their country to conquer the world. We came back with a bunch of new experiences, new friends and an idea that will –hopefully- not only change our own lives.

Inspired by nature and the mission to protect our everyday playground: the streets, the ocean, the mountains, the earth. We created something that is not just making you look good, but also feel good. Now you’ll ask: What’s so special about your sunglasses? Well. Our sunnies are mostly made of the fastest growing plant on our planet: bamboo. Since some sorts of bamboo grow up to one meter a day it is the perfect material to accomplish a symbiosis of style and nature.

Whatever you do with them, hanging out in the sun enjoying the first sunbeams over cold Europe, doing sports or just use them as a part of your daily outfit – we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

To get to know them, Matthias and Hannes provided a little Q&A sheet:


Your name? Matthias (MJ)

What superhero would you like to be?  Leonardo (Hero Turtles).

Your favourite tv show when you were young? The Simpsons.

Cream or chocolate sauce? Definitely CHOCOLATE.

Favourite sport? Skateboarding.

Favourite athlete? Roger Federer.

Describe Hannes in 3 words: Spontaneous, creative, chilled.

Your inspiration for the startup and the product: The first inspiration was my management major at university and the desiree to use the learned knowledge to try something new. The second inspiration was my half year abroad in Asia and the third and most important was the approach to combine my interest in sports with a new lifestyle equipment.

3 things you like:  chocolate, chickenburger, snow .

3 things you hate: morning grouches, impudence, sunday driver.


Your name? Hannes

What superhero would you like to be?  Goku.

Your favourite tv show when you were young? Alfred J. Kwak.

Cream or chocolate sauce? Can I have caramel instead?

Favourite sport? Snowboarding.

Favourite athlete? Torstein Horgmo, best idiot humor ever.

Describe Matthias in 3 words: Organized, leadership, Captain Charming.

Your inspiration for the startup and the product: Studyin abroad in sunny California livin the dream and my choice of sports: Snowboarding and all kinds of surfing. Fits pretty good I think. Combining that and starting a lifestyle brand? Sounds fun, lets take a shot!

3 things you like:  nature, traveling&meeting interesting people, open bar.

3 things you hate: TV, weather in Germany, pigeons.